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With it's unique spiral shape, this bully stick will intrigue your canine's senses. The shape slows your dog down by presenting a small puzzle-where to attack it from. These are great for large or small dogs, but bigger dogs may make this more of a snack than a long lasting treat. Free Range Eco Naturals Moo! brand bully sticks are from Argentina Pampus Angus Cattle. •Pampus Angus Beef is the story of a healthy lifestyle. •Moo! brand bully sticks are natural dog treats that come from Angus beef cattle that have been humanely raised in Argentina pastures where nature provides the perfect diet.


  • From Free Range, Grass-Fed, Pasture Finished Angus Cattle
  • These are approximately 7" long
  • Full pack of (10) 7-8" springs
  • Argentina Pampus Angus Cattle


(10) 7-8" Bully Sticks Springs - Free Range Moo! - Odor Free!!

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