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The Gridlock Training Pad Holder. 
Keeps our pads firmly in place. Easy to use and clean. This is a great item to upsell your customers with. 

First pad on the market to use 
an ANTIBACTERIAL polymer. 
Gridlock pads absorb faster than any other pad, and keep puppies and homes safe and clean. Our antibacterial polymer absorbs liquid in less than 1 minute, leaving the pad dry to the touch. Gridlock pads trap liquid so well, they can even be used more than once. 

-Fast absorbing, antibacterial polymer attracts dogs to the pad and locks in liquid and odor 
-No more puppy paw tracks 
-Liquid is trapped by the super-absorbent polymer and Gridlock channels 
-Original, Adhesive & XL pads available 
-Standard pads are a full 24" x 24" 
-XL pads are 27.5" x 35.5" 
-Adhesive pads feature a sticky tab on each corner 
-Eye catching packaging for easy and clean hanging or shelf display 

100 Pack Gridlock Training Pads

    • Full 24"x24" pad
    • Antibacterial polymer
    • Liquid absorbs in seconds
    • 2 pieces per case
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