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Reminiscent of grandma's house, these sweaters bring back memories of nights by the fire & snuggling up on the couch. Also made with 100% Combed Cotton and Super High Quality.

What is Combed Cotton? Combed cotton is a kind of cotton that has been combed to make the yarn stronger and softer. The combing process also rids the batch of shorter fibers and impurities, which results in a finer, stronger and more compact cotton. Combed cotton is considered higher-quality and softer than cotton that hasn't been combed.



Argyle Purple 100% Combed Cot Rudolph Holiday Dog Sweater 100% Cotton

  • Size Length Est. Weight
    XXS 6" 3-8 Lbs.
    XS 8" 5-10 Lbs.
    S 10" 10-15 Lbs.
    M 12" 15-25 Lbs.
    L 14" 25-40 Lbs.
    XL 18" 40-50 Lbs.
    XXL 22" 50-60 Lbs.
    XXXL 24" 60-80 Lbs.


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