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Burgundy Wool Coat with D-Ring and Matching Leash – This coat was a top seller in 2015 and 2016, so we brought it back again this year due to the high demand and super high quality. It features a pleated skirt with fashion buttons and a brown faux fur collar. 

The Burgundy Wool coat is a must have for Fall and Winter 2017.

Burgundy Wool Classic Dog Coat Harness and Fur Collar with Matching Leash

  • Size Length Est. Weight
    XXS 6" 3-8 Lbs.
    XS 8" 5-10 Lbs.
    S 10" 10-15 Lbs.
    M 12" 15-25 Lbs.
    L 14" 25-40 Lbs.
    XL 18" 40-50 Lbs.
    XXL 22" 50-60 Lbs.
    XXXL 24" 60-80 Lbs.
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