Don't Mask It, Eliminate It!


Pet Stain and Urine Removal Kit - Concentrated to make 3 Gallons of Solution, Free Urine Detector Flashlight Included)


  • Perfect for Removing Odors from all kinds of Urine smells - from Dogs and Cats to Rats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbals and more...
  • Professional Strength Concentrated Solution Makes 3 Gallons
  • Removes stubborn Odors


How it works: Using the UV Flashlight (included) you can easily locate the area to be treated. Urine will appear green when bacteria is present and white once bacteria has been eliminated.

Our Bio-enzymatic formula contains specially cultivated bacteria that seeks out Urine as a food source and releases enzymes. These are capable of breaking down complex compounds into simpler compounds that the microbes then consume. The consumption is a natural process which leaves behind only water or carbon dioxide. 
For use on all surfaces: carpet, flooring, upholstery, Can also be used to remove vomit, human urine, feces, and so much more! Use as a pre-treat in your washing machine, clean your pet beds, cages, litter boxes.
Our Products are concentrated for a greater value. Simply add two cap full of formula with water in the bottles provided. It's that easy! 

Safe and effective, works on hard to remove stains and odors. DON’T MASK ODOR, ELIMINATE IT!
Made in the USA!

Pet House Products Urine Removal System

  • Everything needed to detect urine, remove stains, & eliminate odor.  Please note- 3 AAA batteries required for flashlight