True Hemp Immune & Heart Oil It's important for our dogs to have a strong heart and healthy immune system. This unique formulation combines hemp seed and other active ingredients creating a synergistic effect to help keep dogs of all ages in peak condition. Cold-pressed hemp seed oil is rich in alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) which supports the gastrointestinal, immune system, and cardiovascular function. The omega 3 fatty acids (EPH & DHA) from hemp seed oil, hemp seed, and anchovy oil helps the body metabolize fat, counteract aging, and increase immune system strength. Antioxidants with punicic acid extracted from pomegranate seed oil help eliminate free radical damage associated with aging and help maintain proper gut flora. Precisely formulated for dogs who may require immune and cardiovascular support to help prevent heart disease, canine valvular disease, decreased heart function and to aid dogs prone to recurrent infections or allergies, lethargy and lack of appetite. Refrigerate after opening. Made in the USA.


• ACTIVE INGREDIENTS per 1/2 teaspoon •

    • Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (1990 mg)
    • Omega 3 (hemp seed/ anchovy oil) (650 mg)
    • EPA (anchovy oil) (180 mg)
    • DHA (anchovy oil) (120 mg)
    • Punicic Acid (pomegranate seed oil) (80 mg)

True Hemp Immune+Heart Oil Support for Dog - 8 oz